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Incorporating the Housing Asset in Retirement Income Planning Why have several large broker dealers removed their sanctions against discussing the mobilization of the housing asset to aid retirement resilience? In this webinar you will learn:

* What share of total wealth is represented by the housing asset
* How reverse mortgages have evolved to meet your client’s need for safety and sustainability
* Strategies that amplify coordination of retirement assets
* How to calculate monetization of the housing asset quickly
* How to request a bibliography of research from the Academy of Home Equity in Financial Planning

*This material has not been reviewed, approved or issued by HUD, FHA or any government agency. The company is not affiliated with or acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or any other government agency.

Attendees must stay in the webinar for a minimum of 50 minutes in order to be eligible to receive CE credit.
Dec 2, 202011:00 am1 hour
Gray Divorce: The Platinum Challenge - Presented by Lili A. Vasileff Every 10 seconds a Boomer turns 60 years old. Gray divorce is what many boomers face, as the divorce rate has doubled since 1994 among U.S. adults over age 50. Contrary to expectations, long term marriages are not immune, and the largest increase (55%) is in first time marriages of over 20 years. This session will help advisors understand what Boomers want, what Boomers experience, and what the consequences of gray divorce are relating to financial security. You will also better understand what older women want from their advisors and how to work with them.

In this one-hour session you will:
• Learn about the triggers for gray divorce
• Recognize the challenges Boomers face at this stage of life and how divorce further complicates financial security, especially for women
• Learn about the divorce process, financial issues in divorce, and decision-making within the context of the law
• Recognize how COVID-19 affects the divorce process and adds stressors
• Identify eight key areas for discussion with your clients going through divorce that must not be overlooked
• Identify and illuminate opportunities for clients to maximize cash flow, divide assets and preserve wealth unique to the divorce process.

About our Speaker:
Lili A. Vasileff is a fee only Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF™) specializing in Matrimonial Litigation, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), and President of Wealth Protection Management based in Greenwich, CT. She is a trained mediator, collaborative financial specialist, and qualified litigation expert.
She is a nationally recognized expert practitioner, speaker, writer, and author of three books, including, Money & Divorce: The Essential Roadmap to Mastering Financial Decisions published by the American Bar Association. Lili is also the co-president of the national Association of Divorce Financial Planners (ADFP).
Dec 9, 202011:00 am1 hour
How to Grow Your Business with One of the Fastest Growing Home Buyer Segments... The Last Time Home Buyer What you’ll learn:

1. How can I work with more baby boomers?
2. Why are so many baby boomers moving?
3. Why cash isn’t always king for baby boomers.
4. How to increase your sales in the baby boomer segment by capturing lost opportunity cash buyers.

Presented by Ann Marie Stemen, Platinum President's Club Loan Originator for Mutual of Omaha Mortgage.
Dec 17, 20201:00 pm1 hour