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Larry Waters

Reverse Mortgage Advisor NMLS# 400451

9040 N Hess St.
Hayden, ID 83835

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Larry Waters
Reverse Mortgage Advisor | NMLS# 400451 | 208-762-6887

Areas of Expertise

  • Reverse Mortgages
  • JUMBO Reverse Mortgages
  • Reverse Mortgage for Purchase
  • Reverse Mortgage Refinances
  • Financial Advisor Education & Business Growth

Larry Waters is a Reverse Mortgage Specialist at Mutual of Omaha Mortgage / Reverse Mortgage Department. He has specialized within the reverse mortgage industry since 2004. He is located in Coeur d Alene Idaho, very near to Spokane Washington, nestled among the beautiful mountains and lakes in that area.

He is passionate about working with clients and financial partners providing education and helping them learn about the true potential of the reverse mortgage program. Each borrower deserves the time and attention it takes to learn about the various options that can help their future financial needs ultimately providing a more successful retirement outcome.

Over the years he has learned that it takes the utmost patience, integrity, extensive product knowledge and experience to be able to serve retirees efficiently. His dedicated approach and work ethic have helped hundreds of clients achieve their financial goals. He has also been a local resource for the community of financial professionals, being the go-to guy for reverse mortgages helping their clients learn about the potential; such as attorneys, other banks that can not offer reverse mortgages, financial advisers, Home Care providers, Insurance agents and Realtors.

There are many new strategic initiatives within the financial industry, different strategies going away from the old needs-based lending and going to a more proactive approach working together with trusted advisers. New conversations about using home equity as an asset, providing a collaborative approach resulting to a more comprehensive retirement plan.

HECM Reverse Mortgage for Purchase – Did you know you can use a Reverse Mortgage to purchase a home now? In fact Mutual of Omaha Mortgage has the reputation as number one in the country! One out of every five homes sales purchased today are from Baby Boomers. Retirees are looking to move into their next best Dream Home! The HECM for Purchase option to buy that home is becoming very popular. Most people don’t realize a reverse mortgage could be used to purchase.

Let me help you learn more about reverse mortgages, contact me directly at 208-762-6887

Common Examples of What a HECM Can Help You Do

  • Purchase a new home to fit your lifestyle needs
  • Protect your retirement portfolio
  • Reduce monthly expenses by paying off existing mortgage
  • Reduce monthly expenses by paying debt
  • Enhance your cash flow
  • Incorporate housing wealth into your retirement plan
  • Create an emergency fund
  • Increase cash to help ensure monthly bills are paid
  • Fund for home repairs or upgrades
  • Reduce the burden of out-of-pocket healthcare costs
  • Fund the expense for caregivers, live-in nurses, or other in-home care
  • Have the cash for a large expense, such as a vacation or vehicle


“Dear Larry, Just a quick note to tell you what a treasure you are. I have done this so well because of you. I really am blessed to have a mortgage specialist like you. I have been so calm twice without David doing the reverse process because I have had my great friend Larry W. watching out that all goes well and proper. Thank you again for being patient and kind to a fairly old lady. It was so fun visiting and fixing the world with you. If you want a rating. It is over the moon of excellent service. You’re the best. God’s peace to you and yours, blessings.”

-Edie M.

“I’m happy to recommend Larry Waters... It has been a pleasure working with Larry Waters. He was able to answer our questions about a reverse mortgage in a easy to understand, detailed, expert way while spending time to understand our needs. His enthusiasm and professional approach made it clear that a reverse mortgage was a good solution for us and that he was the person we wanted to work with.”

-Sherry S.

“No Pressure Approach "I never felt pressured to make decisions, I took all the time I needed. Larry Waters was always very patient with us and helped us gather the required information and fully understand the process. I feel he helped us realize that this option was in our best interest. I would recommend Larry to anyone that would like to learn about Reverse Mortgages.”

-John L.

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