Become Our Trusted Partner in Reverse Mortgage Lending

There are several ways to partner with Mutual of Omaha Mortgage, depending on your licensing and desired level of participation.

Wholesale Broker/Third Party Originator

Retain and expand your current client base through generational lending - by helping your 62+ clients through HECM mortgages. Through Mutual of Omaha Mortgage Wholesale Third Party Partnership, you originate and process*, we handle the rest!

*Mutual of Omaha Mortgage offers in house processing

Approval Requirements: State licensed as a mortgage broker

Hybrid Correspondent

Hybrid Correspondent Partners originate, close and fund their reverse mortgage loans using their warehouse line. Mutual of Omaha Mortgage will underwrite, draw loan documents, and purchase the closed loan.

Approval Requirements: FHA approved Full Eagle, HECM DE or FHA Lender DE Unconditional Approval, Warehouse line accepting reverse mortgage loans, State licensed as a mortgage banker and MERS Compliant.

Closed Loan Seller

Closed Loan Sellers (CLS) originate, close, fund and insure their own HECM loans. Mutual of Omaha purchases whole loans on a service released basis.

Approval Requirements: FHA lender approval, HECM Unconditional DE

Mutual of Omaha Mortgage Advantage

Offer Reverse Mortgages using our Mutual of Omaha Mortgage Advantage Program where you are teamed up with a local Mutual of Omaha Mortgage retail loan officer to help guide you through the application process. Mutual of Omaha Mortgage processes, underwrites, draws loan documents, closes and funds the loan.

Approval Requirements: State licensed as a mortgage broker