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Our Story

Mutual of Omaha has Built a Legacy for More than 100 Years

Mutual of Omaha has been helping customers since 1909. Inspired by hometown values and committed to being responsible and caring for each other, we exist for the benefit of our customers.

And, like our customers, we thrive on relationships and building genuine, enduring connections. As a mutual company, our focus isn't on increasing share prices. It's helping customers reach their financial goals.

What that means is if you're considering a reverse mortgage loan, you can feel secure knowing Mutual of Omaha Mortgage exists solely to do right by our customers, every time.

We understand that for some companies a loan is transactional. That's not us, and it never will be. A reverse mortgage is more than a financial decision. It’s the promise of a life you want to build and the memories you want to make. And that’s why before we talk reverse mortgage loan, we focus on you and your needs.

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Our Mission

We help our customers protect what they care about and achieve their financial goals.

Our Vision

For every customer... a financial future imagined, planned and secured.

Our Values

Our values are the attributes, behaviors, and beliefs that connect Mutual employees with a common vision.

We Exist for Our Customers

We care for, respect and listen to our customers. We use what we learn to provide the right financial solutions and a superior customer experience. We understand that we are here for our customers and because of them, so every decision we make is with their best interests in mind.

We Act With Integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and seek always to do the right things. We deliver on our promises and honor our commitments. We are clear in our communications and transparent about our intentions. We adhere to high ethical standards, complying with regulatory requirements and company policies.

We Are Innovative

We encourage new ideas, try new things, and always learn from experience as we seek the optimum solutions. We relentlessly pursue ways to simplify and streamline our operations. Through innovation, design and experimentation we continually find ways to grow the business and enhance the customer experience.

We Are Accountable for Results

We will continue to build a culture that respects and values the unique strengths and cultural differences of our associates, customers and community. We are a diverse and inclusive team, collaborating and supporting one another to pursue shared goals and achieve personal growth and development.

Together We Achieve Greatness

We take personal accountability for results, working within and beyond our areas of responsibility to ensure timely decisions, quick action and ultimate success. We understand that we are in the business of managing risk, and work to protect our assets and reputation so that we can continue to meet our commitments.

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