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With over 350,000 seniors purchasing a new home for retirement each year, the HECM For Purchase is an excellent tool to capture this growing market. Eligible homebuyers 62 and older can purchase a new home in your development with their payment and finance the balance with a HECM.

Why Builders Should Care about the H4P Program

  • Increase Business

    In our Case Study, 84% of Homebuyers using the H4P Program would not have purchased at this time but for the H4P Product.

  • Increase Builder Profits

    In addition to the 84% of new buyers, 96% of buyers using the H4P product chose the top model price point and maximized on upgrades.

  • Security in Closing

    The H4P is a Government Program insured by FHA. Mutual of Omaha Mortgage specializes in the H4P program and can provide your customer an educational experience that provides them with Peace of Mind in purchasing your home.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Most Senior Home Builders do not know about this program. By teaming up with Mutual of Omaha Mortgage and its experienced team of Builder Experts, you have an advantage over your closest competitors.

  • Exclusivity

    We will provide you with a geographic territory in which we will serve no other competing builder.

We do not work with every builder, as we want to partner with like-minded companies that share comparable “Core Values.” Please contact us for an interview/appointment, and let’s build our strategic plan….together.

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