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Debbie Lee
Reverse Mortgage Advisor | NMLS# 457744 |

A reverse mortgage is a great financial product that allows seniors to stay in their homes, improve their financial situation and enjoy a more comfortable retirement. Seniors can also purchase a home using a reverse mortgage and have no monthly payments as long as they live in the property. However, there are many things to take into consideration when thinking about a reverse mortgage. My role is to help you, your family and any other person you choose to be involved, in deciding if a reverse mortgage is the right path for you.

I have been educating seniors about Reverse Mortgages for over 19 years; with over 30 years in the mortgage industry. I believe that a fully informed client can make the best decision regarding a Reverse Mortgage, and it is my role and responsibility to ensure you and your family, know all of your choices. I also believe you and your family deserve the highest level of customer service available during the loan process and after the loan closes. Working with Mutual of Omaha Mortgage and myself, will ensure you get the service you expect and deserve.

Common Examples of What a HECM Can Help You Do

  • Purchase a new home to fit your lifestyle needs
  • Protect your retirement portfolio
  • Reduce monthly expenses by paying off existing mortgage
  • Reduce monthly expenses by paying debt
  • Enhance your cash flow
  • Incorporate housing wealth into your retirement plan
  • Create an emergency fund
  • Increase cash to help ensure monthly bills are paid
  • Fund for home repairs or upgrades
  • Reduce the burden of out-of-pocket healthcare costs
  • Fund the expense for caregivers, live-in nurses, or other in-home care
  • Have the cash for a large expense, such as a vacation or vehicle


“Doing the reverse mortgage helped me keep my husband in our home and get in the home health care he needed while he was alive. It has provided an amazing relief financially since his passing. I can't think of where i would be if i would not have done the reverse mortgage.”

-C O Camarillo, CA

“The peace of mind I since completing my reverse mortgage cannot be measured. Knowing that I have a nice line of credit, and no mortgage payments for the rest of my lift lets me sleep better every night. Debbie was very helpful throughout the process and continues to answer any questions I might have.”

-BT Thousand Oaks, CA

“We sold our home in CA and bought a new home in Texas using the HECM for Purchase. It allowed us keep some of our the cash from sale our CA home, rather than put all of our money down on our new home. We are more financially prepared to enjoy our retirement knowing we don't have a mortgage payment to make.”

-M & R D McKinney,Texas

“My financial adviser suggested I look at a reverse mortgage to help my portfolio last longer. I am happy to say it has been a great relief to not worry about making the mortgage payment every month. And now I can live life more comfortably with the additional monthly income it has provided. Debbie answered all of my questions and walked me thru the process professionally and with care.”

-JA Palm Desert, CA

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