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January 19, 2021

Using Housing Wealth to Improve Financial Outcomes in Retirement – with Barry Sacks

Tuesday, Jan 19th 11:00am-12:00pm PT

As clients retire, and hence end the receipt of regular income from employment or professional activity, cash flow considerations become paramount. Indeed, studies have shown that for most retirees, the concern about “running out of money” later in life outweighs any other concern. Also, studies show that more than half of all retirees are homeowners. This webinar examines four situations in which home equity can be used to diminish retirees’ risk of cash flow exhaustion while maintaining an acceptable level of living expenses. Quantitative examples will be given to illustrate each of the four situations.

In this one-hour session, you will:

• The effect of skipping a few distributions from a securities portfolio, replacing the income with draws on a buffer asset such as home equity, and how the result is greater cash flow sustainability and a greater legacy.

• Using a reverse mortgage to replace a conventional mortgage, and thereby reducing cash needs during retirement. (This is important for the many retirees who want to “age in place.”)

• How to use a “reverse mortgage for purchase” to downsize or to change location, and to provide additional funds to invest for additional cash flow in retirement.

• Using a reverse mortgage to provide liquidity for the division of assets in “silver divorce.”

Barry H. Sacks is a tax attorney specializing in pension law. He also has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from MIT. He published the pioneering research paper modeling the use of reverse mortgage credit lines to mitigate the effects of adverse sequences of returns in retirement accounts. While developing his model for the use of reverse mortgages in retirement income planning, Barry became aware of other needs of retirees (or soon-to-be retirees), including those who are moving to new homes and those who are in the process of divorce. As a result, Barry has published papers demonstrating various uses of reverse mortgages to address these retirees’ needs.

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January 10, 2021

HECM for Purchase Realtor Certification Course

Wednesday, Jan 27th 10:00am-12:00pm PT

Learn how you can sell more homes by offering the HECM for Purchase Program to your clients 62+. Imagine showing someone how to purchase their Dream Home with as little as 50-60% down and never having to pay a monthly mortgage payment!

You will learn:
• A hidden opportunity most real estate professionals are missing and what it means to you, your clients and your business
• How to sell more homes and dramatically increase your commission
• 10 things you should know about the HECM for Purchase Program
• Why traditional financing or paying cash may sabotage your client’s retirement
• 16+ Frequently Asked Questions
• How to create a competitive advantage over other real estate professionals that boomers see immediately
• Why 52 million boomers aren’t using your services and how to change their mind

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