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HECM: Magic in Retirement

Led by industry expert Steven Thomas, this webinar will explore the use and application of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) from a financial planning standpoint. 

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Retirement Planning Beyond the Dollars and Cents

Robert Laura is a best-selling author and nationally syndicated columnist for Forbes.com and Financial Advisor Magazine. His work has reached more than 5,000,000 readers through five books, twelve guides, and over 500 articles. Robert is committed to changing the way people think about and prepare for every aspect of retirement. His work reflects his ground-breaking efforts to challenge the status quo of traditional retirement planning.

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Estimating the True Cost of Retirement

Retirement is the most expensive “purchase” faced by most individuals… In order to properly forecast the value of assets during retirement, it is important to consider several other variables when estimating a person’s total retirement liability, such as their optimal replacement rate, their forecasted retirement period, and what it truly means to fail (or succeed). Retirement professionals need to have a framework for understanding and projecting retirement costs for each client, and a process for better estimating the true cost of retirement.

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HECM for Purchase Realtor Certification Course

Learn how you can sell more homes by offering the HECM for Purchase Program to your clients 62+.

Imagine showing someone how to purchase their Dream Home with as little as 50-60% down and never having to pay a monthly mortgage payment!

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