Understanding How Different Types of Annuities Work – hosted by Wade Pfau

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Tuesday, May 18; 11:00am-12:00am PT
Annuities with lifetime income provisions offer risk pooling, which tends to be underappreciated as a unique source of returns that is unavailable for an investment portfolio. But there are many types of annuities in the marketplace and understanding how they work can be complex.


This presentation seeks to provide a better understanding about different types of annuities, including income annuities such as single-premium immediate annuities, deferred variable annuities, and fixed index annuities. For the latter two, we will focus on how they provide exposure to market upside and on how optional guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit riders can support lifetime spending.


In “Understanding How Different Types of Annuities Work” by Wade Pfau, you will:


1. Distinguish between major annuities categories such as variable or fixed, immediate or deferred


2. Understand mechanics for how downside protection, upside potential, and liquidity features work for different annuity types


3. Appreciate the risk pooling insurance aspect provided by annuitization or by guaranteed distributions through an optional guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit.


What retirement professionals say about this course:


“Complexity requires continual learning as products and opportunities change. Webinars such as this one help us to understand what we do not know we do not understand! Thank you!”
“Great Presentation. I am now convinced if I ever recommend an annuity I would need to hire Wade to help the client decide which annuity to purchase.”
“Wade is very knowledgeable. The step-up and rollup are new concepts to me.”


Wade D. Pfau, Ph.D., CFA, RICP, is the program director of the Retirement Income Certified Professional designation and a Professor of Retirement Income at The American College of Financial Services in King of Prussia, PA. As well, he is a Principal and Director for McLean Asset Management.