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#42 Adding Longevity To Retirement Assets With A Reverse Mortgage


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You’ve been building up financial assets for a long time in preparation for retirement, and now that you’re on the brink of bidding fond farewell to your career, you have plans to enjoy life to the fullest. Needless to say, you want to remain financially independent, continuing to live in your own home. Your biggest planning concern, of course, is making sure your portfolio assets don’t run out of steam before you do.

Tax-free “tenure payments”1 from a home equity reverse mortgage can provide just the added ‘stretch” you need. Using the equity built up in your home, you arrange for regular payments throughout your lifetime. That income stream has the effect of reducing the amount of the monthly withdrawals from your investment portfolio, in turn increasing its longevity even as you focus on enjoying your own.

What’s more, since those reverse mortgage payments are treated as non taxable loan proceeds, that extra money goes a lot further towards helping you keep abreast of retirement living expenses. Meanwhile, of course, you retain title to your own home.

You’re always going to be the type to keep a watchful eye on spending levels, you realize. Still, it’s reassuring to realize that coordinating withdrawals from a reverse mortgage with withdrawals from your portfolio is helping reduce your risk of running out of money.

Ahhh….it feels pretty good, knowing you’ve given your own retirement assets a bit more “stretch”!

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