Key Retirement Plan Changes & Updates for 2020 and Beyond – Presented by Denise Appleby

Wednesday, September 23rd, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PT

Key Retirement Plan Changes and Updates for 2020 and Beyond: The SECURE Act, The CARES Act, and In-between…
Presented by Denise Appleby.
The rules that apply to distributions from inherited retirement accounts have changed. As of 2020, designated beneficiaries are subject to strict guidelines that limit the period over which they can take distributions to 10 years. In addition, temporary relief has been granted for qualified individuals to take distributions with special tax benefits for 2020 and required minimum distributions have been waived.
This webinar will help advisors understand the rules that apply to these provisions, how to help clients avoid mistakes that could result in IRS assessed penalties and loss of tax deferred status, and how to identify the different types of beneficiaries who are eligible for exceptions to the new restrictive distribution rules.
In this one-hour session, you will:
• Differentiate between designated beneficiary, eligible designated beneficiary, nondesignated beneficiary, and the distribution options that apply to a beneficiary based on the category in which the beneficiary falls.
• Outline the eligibility requirements for coronavirus-related distributions and the available tax benefits.
• Create a timeline for 2019 beneficiaries and identify the steps that must be taken to benefit from the pre-SECURE Act stretch IRA beneficiary options.

Denise Appleby, MJ, CISP, CRC, CRPS, CRSP, APA is a premier provider of training, educational tools, marketing materials and technical consulting services for financial, tax and legal professionals, on IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans for small businesses. Her primary goal is to help prevent mistakes from being made with retirement account transactions;
and where possible, provide solutions for mistakes that have already been made.

Her specialties include:

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