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#121 Using a reverse mortgage to fund



While your career as a corporate spokesperson will be coming to a close later this calendar year, you will be continuing to offer coaching to executives on interacting with members of the press. In preparing for retirement, you have set the basic elements of insurance and estate planning in place: your home is paid for, and your basic income needs going forward can be satisfied by a combination of the plan from your employer, Social Security, and carefully moderated withdrawals your own investment portfolio. You have been largely blessed with good health, and, as a single woman with no obligations towards parents or children, you expect to be able to develop and run the coaching practice for the next decade or even longer. 

The only financial challenge is that you plan to have several cosmetic procedures over the spring and summer of 2023, as you prepare to “face the public” as an independent contractor, teaching high-level executives to most effectively do the same. Your original plan was to avoid financing charges (some $63,000 is the estimated total) by making a series of lump sum withdrawals out of your investment accounts. Ironically, those investment accounts (similar to your appearance, you’ve wryly noted) are somewhat the “worse for wear” at this time. 

It’s obvious you’ve devoted thought to your future and to your post-retirement “gig” venture as a coach. Consider using your housing wealth to move forward with your plan. With no obligation to support family members, you can “support” your own choice to undergo surgery in preparation for your career as an independent executive coach through a reverse mortgage line of credit. Your investment portfolio will be granted time to recover, while you will be putting a “fresh face” on your career.