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Colorado Reverse Mortgage Guide

Colorado reverse mortgage

If you’re a Colorado homeowner aged 62 or older, a reverse mortgage might be the financial solution you’ve been looking for to round out your retirement portfolio. 

A reverse mortgage is a financial tool that provides older homeowners with a way to tap into their home equity and improve their financial security, without having to sell the home.   

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of reverse mortgages in Colorado and how they may benefit you.  

Key Takeaways  

  • Reverse mortgages in Colorado are available to senior homeowners who are age 62+ and their home is their primary residence.  
  • Homeowners can choose between a lump sum payment, monthly installments, and/or a line of credit to receive their funds.  
  • Mutual of Omaha Mortgage offers free consultations with experienced reverse mortgage loan officers.  

Understanding Colorado Reverse Mortgages 

A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), better known as a reverse mortgage loan, is a specialized financial product designed for homeowners aged 62 or older. It provides a unique opportunity to unlock the equity in your home without the pressure of monthly mortgage payments.  

If there’s an existing mortgage on the home, the reverse mortgage will first be used to pay it off. The remaining equity of the reverse mortgage proceeds can then be accessed by the borrowers.  

One of the key advantages of the reverse mortgage program is its flexibility. You have the freedom to choose how you receive your funds — be it a lump sum, monthly installments, a line of credit, or a mix of these options. This way, you can tailor the reverse mortgage to suit your specific financial needs.  

Unlike traditional mortgages, home equity loans, or a home equity line of credit (HELOC), a reverse mortgage does not require monthly repayments. This is one feature of the reverse mortgage program that can help to increase cash flow, which is a major concern for retirees.  

There are no requirements for how reverse mortgage borrowers have to use the funds they receive.  

The repayment of the reverse mortgage typically occurs when the home is sold, ceases to be your principal residence, or upon the borrower’s passing.   

Reverse mortgages are backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and regulated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

Benefits of Reverse Mortgages 

Reverse mortgages come with several benefits and advantages including the following:  

Boosting Retirement Funds 

One of the most significant perks of a reverse mortgage is its potential to bolster your retirement income. This is especially important if you find that your Social Security isn’t enough. By unlocking the equity in your home, you can secure funds to manage monthly bills, medical expenses, travel, or any other financial requirements you might encounter during your golden years. 

Absence of Monthly Mortgage Payments 

A unique characteristic of a reverse mortgage is that it does not require a monthly mortgage payment to pay it back. Repayment is postponed until you opt to sell or cease to use the home as your principal residence. It’s important to note that borrowers are still required to keep up with property taxes, homeowners’ insurance, and home maintenance. 

Versatile Fund Accessibility 

Reverse mortgage recipients have a range of choices for how they access their funds. You can opt for a one-time lump sum payment, steady monthly installments, establish a line of credit for as-needed withdrawals or even a blend of these options to align with your financial objectives. 

Retention of Home Ownership 

A reverse mortgage allows you to remain in your home as long as it continues to be your principal residence. This can be especially attractive for individuals wishing to age in place and uphold their independence. 

Tax-Free Loan Proceeds 

The proceeds from a reverse mortgage are not subjected to federal income tax as they’re considered a loan, not income. However, we strongly advise consulting with a tax advisor to understand the specific tax implications for your situation. 

Colorado Reverse Mortgage Types 

There are a variety of Colorado reverse mortgages available to homeowners. These include Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM), Single-Purpose Reverse Mortgages and Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Loans, all specifically tailored to fit your individual needs. 

HECM Reverse Mortgage Loans

The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), commonly known as a HECM reverse mortgage, is the most prevalent type of reverse mortgage available from most lenders, including Mutual of Omaha Mortgage. ECM reverse mortgages are unique due to their strong backing from the federal government and are specifically designed for borrowers aged 62 and above, addressing the distinct financial needs of retirees. One of the key features of HECM loans is their flexibility, allowing borrowers to use the loan proceeds for a variety of purposes, from supplementing retirement income to home renovations. However, the FHA sets a lending limit for HECM reverse mortgages, which is $1,149,825 as of 2024.

Jumbo Reverse Mortgages

For homeowners whose properties are valued above the FHA lending limit, most major lenders offer jumbo reverse mortgage loans. These are proprietary reverse mortgages, each typically given a unique name by the lender. For instance, Mutual of Omaha Mortgage offers the HomeSafe Reverse Mortgage as our jumbo loan, allowing homeowners to borrow up to $4 million.

Reverse Mortgage for Purchase

The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for Purchase (HECM for Purchase) is a unique financial tool that enables older homeowners to transition to a new home during retirement. This innovative solution allows homeowners in Colorado to finance a portion of their new home with a reverse mortgage, supplemented by a significant down payment from the sale of their previous home. The HECM for Purchase is particularly attractive as it enables retirees to adjust their home size without the stress of monthly mortgage payments, whether they’re upsizing to meet changing needs or downsizing for a simpler lifestyle.

Single-Purpose Reverse Mortgages

Single-purpose reverse mortgages, though less common, offer a unique solution for homeowners aged 62 or older. Also known as property tax deferral programs or deferred payment loans, these specialized financial tools have a specific purpose approved by the lender, typically for funding home improvement projects.

Colorado Reverse Mortgage Requirements

To be eligible for a reverse mortgage in Colorado, homeowners must meet certain criteria and conditions. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of the key prerequisites:

  • The homeowner(s) should be at least 62 years old. If the property is co-owned, at least one of the owners must meet this age requirement.
  • The property under consideration for the HECM reverse mortgage must be the homeowner’s primary residence. The scheme does not extend to secondary homes, investment properties, or vacation homes.
  • The home should have a substantial amount of equity. The extent of this equity will dictate the maximum loan amount that can be accessed through the reverse mortgage.
  • The property should be in good condition. If the property fails to meet the lender’s standards, it may necessitate repairs or improvements.
  • Homeowners are expected to fulfill certain property-related obligations, which include timely payment of property taxes, maintaining adequate homeowners’ insurance, keeping the home in good condition, and paying any other relevant fees like HOA fees.
  • The property types that qualify for reverse mortgages encompass single-family homes, two-to-four-unit properties (provided the homeowner resides in one of the units), FHA-approved condominiums, and manufactured homes that meet specific FHA requirements.
  • Lastly, prior to applying for a reverse mortgage, homeowners are mandated to attend a counseling session with a HUD-approved counselor. The purpose of this session is to ensure that borrowers have a complete understanding of the terms, advantages, and potential risks associated with a reverse mortgage.

Colorado Reverse Mortgage Rights and Protections

Reverse mortgages come with several protections guaranteed by the FHA and HUD, including the following:

Non-Recourse Loan Protections

Reverse mortgages are classified as non-recourse loans. This means that you or your heirs will never be obligated to pay more than the home’s value when it’s sold to settle the loan. If the home’s value surpasses the loan balance, the surplus goes to you or your heirs.

Right to Rescission or Cancellation

Those applying for a reverse mortgage in Colorado retain the full authority to withdraw their loan application at any stage of the process. This includes a grace period of up to three business days following the signing of the closing loan documents. 

Counseling Requirement

Anyone who wants to apply for a reverse mortgage is required to participate in a counseling session conducted by a third-party counselor approved by the HUD. The main purpose of this session is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of reverse mortgages. Additionally, the session explores other potential alternatives and ensures the borrower is making an independent decision, free from any undue influence by those who might have a financial stake in the loan. 

State Specific Laws

In addition, the state of Colorado has also passed its own laws regarding reverse mortgages. In Title 11 – Financial Institutions Article 38, it explains that both lenders and borrowers are relieved “from compliance with inappropriate statutory requirements.” Some of the reverse mortgage rules in Colorado include the following:  

  • Colorado reverse mortgage borrowers are permitted to pay back the reverse mortgage at any time “without penalty.”  
  • Payments will not be decreased in either amount or frequency due to any changes in the interest rate associated with the reverse mortgage. 
  • Should a lender neglect to fulfill the loan advances as stipulated by the terms of the reverse mortgage, and not rectify such an oversight as per the loan terms, they will lose the privilege to accrue any interest on the reverse mortgage. Furthermore, they will be held accountable for any civil damages that result from such a default. 

Colorado Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Reverse mortgage calculators are a convenient way to estimate potential loan amounts and evaluate payment plans for reverse mortgages. A reverse mortgage calculator looks at the age of the borrower, their house’s worth, and their current mortgage balance. 

Find the Mutual of Omaha Mortgage Reverse Mortgage Calculator here.  

However, it’s important to note that the numbers obtained from any reverse mortgage calculator are merely estimates. To get a more accurate picture of how much equity you may be able to access in your home, it’s always best to talk directly to one of our experienced reverse mortgage specialists. 

Navigating the Reverse Mortgage Process in Colorado 

If you apply for a reverse mortgage in Colorado through Mutual of Omaha Mortgage, this is the application process you can expect.

Please note that the reverse mortgage process is not fast. In some cases, it can take up to 45 days to complete.

Step 1: Free Consultation with a Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer 

A no-cost, obligation free consultation with a reverse mortgage specialist in Colorado is an excellent opportunity to get detailed knowledge about these types of mortgages and decide if it fits your needs. A reverse mortgage specialist will be able to answer questions you might have as well. This type of appointment doesn’t require any commitment from the customer and includes essential information on reverse mortgages that may be necessary for them.

Step 2: Counseling Sessions

Counseling is a required step in the reverse mortgage process. Mortgage counseling for reverse mortgages is provided in a one-hour session either over the phone or in person by a third-party HUD-approved counselor. These sessions will provide detailed information about this type of loan. Reverse mortgages can be complex. It’s essential that individuals have comprehensive knowledge regarding all aspects of the process so they can make informed choices.

Step 3: Submit Application

To process a reverse mortgage application the borrower will need to supply personal information. The completed application must then be sent off along with necessary supporting documents for assessment. Your reverse mortgage specialist will walk you through this process and will keep you up to date each step of the way.

Step 4: Appraisal and Property Inspection

A reverse mortgage requires an inspection and appraisal of the property by a Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-approved appraiser. The lender evaluates the condition of the home and its market value to determine loan eligibility for borrowers. Homeowners do have the right to order a second appraisal if they disagree with the findings.

Step 5: Processing and Underwriting

At the processing and underwriting stage of your reverse mortgage application, the underwriter examines all of the submitted information. If more information is required, this information will be communicated to your loan officer, who will notify you.

Step 6: Close on the Loan

Once the underwriter gives their approval, a date will be scheduled for the signing of the final loan documents. You can choose to complete this step either at the title company’s office or in the comfort of your own home, facilitated by a mobile notary service.

Step 7: Receive Funds

Following a mandatory three-business-day waiting period, borrowers will start receiving funds. The method of disbursement will align with the homeowner’s preference, as specified during the application process: lump sum, monthly payments, a credit line, or a combination of the three.

Find a Colorado Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer in Your Area

Mutual of Omaha Mortgage is a licensed Reverse Mortgage lender in the state of Colorado. You can get started by calling 800-578-0283 or filling out this form here.

You can also find a Colorado Reverse Mortgage loan officer in your area through our loan officer directory or by clicking on one of the links below to find a loan officer near you:

Reverse mortgage borrower must occupy home as primary residence and remain current on property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, the costs of home maintenance, and any HOA fees.  

This information is intended to be general and educational in nature and should not be construed as financial advice. Consult your financial advisor before implementing financial strategies for your retirement. 

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